Book Review by Mercè (Wonder)


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Publicado el 28/06/2017

I enjoyed being able to reading this book a lot, and it was in English! It was the first time I finish a book written in a foreign Language in a few weeks.

It is easy to read, and I found it very orginal in its structure. The idea of writting  each chapter from the point of view of the different characters of the story makes it very funny. And one can imagine the universe aroung Auggie. I recommend it to everyone, but I think it is especially appropiate for the young readers.

The story of Auggie is very touching. As you go on with the book you discover how every character feels about him.

The plot tells the story of Auggie, a boy who has a deformity in his face which makes him different from de rest.

He starts going to school after being educated at home for years. How will the children in the school react? How will Auggie feel?

The way of writing every chapter from a different point of view on the same subject makes you identify with one character or another.

I recommend this book to young people, and teachers in order to work with in class, bullying and the different people you can meet an how to manage this.

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