Book Review by Mercè G. (Wonder)


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Publicado el 28/06/2017

I really enjoyed the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. It’s interestly organized into different chapters for each character. It’s an emotional novel, even though it is a sad story, one of the strongest points is that it’s very humanitarian and some pages make you laugh out loud.

The plot is fascinating when we first meet the main character Auggie, who was born with his face deformed. The book is set in the current day and it tells the story of Auggie’s difficulties because he is different.

Over the course of the story we little by little find out that Auggie is intelligent, wonderful and a kind boy. What I really loved is how Auggie overcomes complicated situations.

I would strongly recommend this book to teenagers who enjoy make disgusting jokes to people that are a bit different.

All in all the book is emotional and compassionate and everyone should read it.

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