Book Review by Beatriz (Wonder)


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Publicado el 28/06/2017

Wonder is a book that I especially enjoyed, because I have a child who is the same age, and it helped to me to understand certain issues, with this nice and emotional story.

The author has really gripped me because of the easy language, and humanitarian plot.

It is wonderful.

It tells the story of a boy that was born with a hard physical problem that makes him a special person in more ways that we can imagine. The author makes you love the character, and you can understand his relationship with all the people that are involved with him.

What I really loved about the story is how the author describes in a perfect way all the feelings of the characters, from every point of view, in order to thought-provoke the reader, who could understand the huge power of overcoming what you can have if you learn to love yourself.

I certainly would highly recommend reading this book to teenagers, because it is a way to set them in the society.

All in all it is a highly recommended book for adults, not only to parents, that could identify with the story, but also for any different more sensitive people.


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