Review of Speak Up Magazine by Raúl Millan Review of Speak Up Magazine by Raúl Millan

Review of Speak Up Magazine by Raúl Millan


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Publicado el 12/07/2016

Review of Speak Up Magazine by Raúl Millan

Raúl Millan, one of our English students, has written a review about Speak Up. Thanks a lot Raúl!

When learning English it’s very useful to have access to resources of authentic written and spoken language. Nowadays the Internet provides countless resources online. However, for those of us who still enjoy reading on good old-fashioned paper, I would recommend the Speak Up magazine.

Speak Up is a monthly magazine designed for Spanish speakers who are learning English. It first came out 25 years ago and since then has been adapting and renewing its content and style to keep up-to-date.

The magazine’s articles cover different topics; current affairs and news, English-speaking travel destinations, music and literature releases and short fiction stories. Colourful pictures bring light to the topics and the magazine’s CD provides authentic spoken English.

I would personally recommend this magazine for English learners for the following reasons:

  • It is easy to acquire. You can purchase each issue for less than €6. However, if you don’t want to
  • It covers almost all English-learning levels, from pre-intermediate to advanced. As each article is identified by its language level you can focus on the articles that fit your language capabilities or on those that you are more interested in.
  • The topics covered are interesting and up-to-date so you don’t have the feeling that you’re reading old English material.
  • The magazine’s CD helps you to improve your listening skills, especially if you try to understand it before reading the transcript. You can even purchase or borrow a DVD option where an English film is provided together with the magazine as well as a short booklet in which the film and its language is explained in detail.
  • Key words and fixed expressions are explained and translated into Spanish.
  • Finally, I would like to point out that the magazine has a smart and attractive design.
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