Student’s Review: ‘Revenge’ by Patricia Student’s Review: ‘Revenge’ by Patricia

Student’s Review: ‘Revenge’ by Patricia


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Publicado el 18/06/2015

Student’s Review: ‘Revenge’ by Patricia

Can you imagine a story similar to The Count of Monte Cristo but with the glamour of The Hamptons as a backdrop?

If you like drama series combined with intrigue, glamour and the possibility of bringing The Hamptons into your home … then REVENGE is the series for you!


When the main character, Amanda Jones, was a child, her father took the fall for a crime he did not commit. The same people who destroyed her father ensured that she was sent to a juvenile detention center in order to never see him again.

Once she is an adult and abandons that center, she finds out that she is the heir to a fortune her father had and decides to come back to The Hamptons as her alter ego, Emily Thorne, to get revenge on those who destroyed her family and caused his death.

“Revenge” is the story of a revenge that takes place in the glamorous and cosmopolitan Hamptons, the most famous residential seaside resort of New York State where celebrities and rich people come together.

Not only because watching Revenge is a way to improve your English while you are enjoying watching a series but also because of the different characters and accents that appear in Revenge! You can start watching it with subtitles and as your confidence grows and you get familiar with the characters, challenge yourself and take them off!

Revenge can be summed up as a sort of Count of Monte Cristo in our modern world! Once you start watching it, you will be hooked!

We want to thank Patricia for this great contribution to our blog!

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