Do you want a kidnap? I put my foot in it too!

Judit Martos

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Communications Manager
Publicado el 29/05/2012

Es interesante conocer las meteduras de pata de otros alumnos y alumnas de inglés. Utilizar las palabras adecuadas según el contexto y saber qué debemos decir y qué no a nivel cultural es muy importante para evitar estos errores comunicativos. Aquí os dejamos una nueva entrada para el concurso I put my foot in it too! de la edición de 2012.

My colleague Aitor arrived back last week from Canada. He came to the company yesterday to say hello to everybody with an incredible quantity of stories to tell, but one of the most hilarious was one that happened to him in a bar.

He was having a coffee with his friends one afternoon when a young woman tripped next to him, spilling some drops of her ice-cream on her blouse. He immediately rose up wanting to offer his help like only a gentleman can do. He quickly helped her to recover her balance and gently offered her a napkin from his table asking with a big smile on his face: “Do you want a kidnap?"

The young woman stared directly at him, hesitating between running away or staying frozen, when they heard all his friends roaring with laughter and shouting: “Not a kidnap! A NAPKIN!!”.

Aitor blushed realizing his mistake and the young woman neither ran away nor stayed frozen. She politely thanked him for his support and gave him a huge smile that remained on her face as she left the bar.

I think Aitor will no longer forget the difference between a kidnap and a napkin, and I will always remember to walk carefully while eating an ice-cream!


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