DÓNDE VAS ATONTAO. I put my foot in it too!

Judit Martos

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Publicado el 04/05/2012

Os dejamos el primer texto que participa en el concurso de relatos breves en inglés I put my foot in it too!

This story didn’t happen to me, but to a workmate of mine, many years ago.

She was on holiday in London and she had problems understanding native people and being understood by them.

Once, she was in a ticket office trying to buy a ticket for the Tube. The ticket vendor said something that sounds strange to her. She understood “on the bus” and answered: “I don’t want to go on the bus; I want to go on the subway”. After a while trying to understand each other, the ticket vendor said: “Que soy andaluz! Te pregunto dónde vas!” (pronounced like Andalusian people do).

At last, the man asked her again where she was going, and she answered: “I’m going to Acton Town”. The ticket vendor replied: “Speaking like that nobody won’t ever understand you”. My friend told him that was true: nobody understood her when she asked to go to Acton Town. The man said: “It’s easy! You have to say atontao!” (with Andalusian accent again).

Effectively, the next time she had to ask for Acton Town she said “atontao” and everybody understood her!


Esperamos que os haya gustado. Y recordad que ya podéis empezar a votar(!).


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