Bed, Bath and Beyond


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Publicado el 17/06/2010

De nuevo, podemos ver otro ejemplo de cómo la pronunciación de algunas palabras nos puede llevar a malos entendidos.

I would like to participate in the Ziggurat Literary Competition with this anecdote which I will explain. It is not too interesting but it happened to me and I think it’s funny.  Also, it is nice to contribute with these initiatives that Ziggurat gives us to keep improving our English.

My English is not as good as to throw fireworks (I don’t know if this expression exists in English… in Spanish is translated as "no es para tirar cohetes"), but I try to do my best and, as I like this language so much, I try to learn everyday although, many times, I make meaning mistakes…

When I visit Los Angeles (California) I like to go shopping to a large store that I love and where you can find household goods, bedding, bathroom accessories and electronics. That is Bed, Bath and Beyond. I do not know why, but I always called it Bed, Bath and “Behind”.

So I always was telling everybody that I liked Bed, Bath, and "Behind" so much, that in that place you could find everything you needed for the house, that in Spain there was not a store as fantastic as Bed, Bath and "Behind", that if a product is not there it not exist ... This store is well known and everyone knew that my "Behind" was actually "Beyond", but nobody ever corrected me!

I did not realize that “Behind” was a mean mistake…but, one day, I was talking with a good friend of mine, an Italian man called Adriano, and he said: “Oh! I like to go shopping to Bed, Bath and “Behind”…And when I heard Adriano say “Behind” I realized that I had been saying the word incorrectly. Since then, I say Bed, Bath and…Beyond (but I have to thing about it and don’t say “Behind” again). I never told Adriano that he was also saying the wrong word.  What a story!

Fdo A.R.

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