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Publicado el 09/06/2010

¿Cuántos os sentís reflejados en esta historia? Seguramente muchos hayáis vivido algo similar.

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who hated to learn english. She had long curly hair, and never brushed it properly every morning before going to school. She was a bright girl, always cheerful, playing around with every children on the neighborhood. She didn’t need to pay much attention to learn new subjects, so her teachers where always worried about her, seeing how she was having her head in the clouds.
Her mother, middle aged housewife who takes care of the most beautiful little garden in the whole world, was always yelling at her: “English is an important subject, you’ll need it if you want to be somebody in the future! Not only English, but  it will be also necesary – and useful – to learn how to use a computer...” and so her mother went on and on for decades with these arguments.

Until one day, the young lady –not a little girl anymore, she grew up – got the opportunity to travel to Wales, the land of King Arthur! How excited she was! And so grateful! If her mother doesn’t have pushed her and insisted so much on her adquiring and improving her english skills, she will never would have gotten this chance in her life.

And there we are, following her footsteps through castles and landscapes, dancing with the people in small towns, visiting old churches, singing on her way through churchyards and graveyards – although not everybody liked this, her voice is pitiful and she sings out of tune, poor lady.

By the end of the day, she is ready to go back home. She can’t wait to be there, next to her mother on “their” little garden, drinking a cup of tea together, and talking about her adventures.

Fdo. Nodami

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