The mail nurse


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Publicado el 02/06/2010

Una de nuestras alumnas, tambi�n se ha animado a participar en el Concurso Literario. A ver qu� nos cuenta...

Last year I was having English telephone classes with Ziggurat. As I was happy and realised I was making good progress, I decided to take more classes. Matthew assigned a new teacher to me. As I’m working in a children’s hospital in Barcelona, he thought about getting me somebody who also used to do so in Canada. When I first met this teacher and he told me something about his previous work at “Sick kids’ hospital”, in Toronto, I assumed that he would be a very good professional in clinical issues of Paediatrics apart from English teaching.

One day, we had a “face-to-face” English class at Sant Joan de Déu hospital, which is the place where I work. During the class, I gave him a tour of the facilities. I tried to show him the brand new initiatives launched at this hospital. I was curious to hear about how different my hospital could be compared to his famous and distinguished one in Canada.

Suddenly, my teacher, probably according to what he was observing, asked me a question: “Do you have male nurses in this hospital?” However, I understood, “Do you have mail nurses in this hospital?” Thinking about modern initiatives using new audiovisual technologies, I became astonished for some seconds, and I asked him: “Mail nurses? What do you mean?” I couldn’t imagine what a “mail nurse” was. When he simply answered “a man who works as a nurse”, I realized that very often things are simple and clear but our mind tends to make them complicated. Although the majority of nurses are women, not “male”, thinking about a “mail nurse“is much more complex than thinking about a man who works as a nurse. Anyway, mail nurses may exist in the future, here in Barcelona or in Canada as well. Who knows?

Fdo. N.S.

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