A pint of beer or my Irish experience


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Escuela Corporativa de Idiomas
Publicado el 31/05/2010

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Last summer I travelled to Ireland to do an English course for 15 days.

One afternoon, after leaving class I went to a pub to see the atmosphere and ordered a beer to drink.

In Ireland, Guinness beer is famous (but this is black) and I wanted to taste it, but I wouldn’t order a large pint, so:

I ordered half a pint of Guinness.

The pub was full of guys drinking beer, and when they heard me, everyone turned to look at me, astonishment.

I thought how badly I had spoke in English.

The next day in class, I commented on this with my classmates, and some students told me they wouldn’t be astonished by my accent or bad English, it was because I ordered “half a pint” and that is for sissies, for men it is normal to order  a pint, not a half.

Fdo. J.M.

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